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Fully glazed georgian double doors
with antique hinges, ornate handle
and lever lock
2 Georgian front windows
8ft front has 6 pane fixed
10ft / 12ft front has 9 pane openers
2 Georgian opening side windows
Roof canopy 300mm
Side wings
Profiled fascias
Door drip


Sizes from: 1.83m x 3.05m (6’ x 10’) to
3.66m x 3.66m (12’ x 12’)
Eaves ht. 73” / 1864mm
Ridge ht. 8’ - 98” / 2490mm
10’ - 101” / 2570mm
12’ - 104” / 2655mm
Double doors 1790mm x 1103mm
Windows 1040mm x 717mm
Framing 8’ - 38mm x 50mm
10’ - 38mm x 50mm
12’ front - 50mm x 50mm
Cladding 16mm x 125mm


22mm premier cladding
22mm floor boards
Toughened glass
50mm x 50mm framing
19mm Log Lap cladding (picture
shown in loglap cladding), this is not
a standard feature
Felt options